Room Service App and Banqueting App

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Room Service Banqueting App

The App saves at least one waiter and increases sales

Before the Banqueting App
The waiters had to go into the Banqueting Hall and take drink’s orders. Then the waiters had to go back to the bar to process the orders. Once completed, the waiters take the drinks into the hall and deliver to the relevant diner and collect payment, using a Card Terminal.

Speeches and Official Matters
No waiters are allowed in, whilst speeches are being made.

At the end of the speeches, there is a mad rush to the bar, can easily be 400 people

Now using the Banqueting App

Orders are paid for and sent direct to the Bar. The orders are processed, receipt printed, and delivered by the waiters. During speeches, diners can continue placing drink’s orders. During breaks, waiters deliver the drinks to the specified tables and diners. More drinks are ordered, greatly improved sales; no lost orders or missed payments. If a product is sold out, it can easily be removed from the drink’s menu.

No more mad rush to the bar, your guests can relax and enjoy themselves.

The Room Service App

Thinking beyond online room booking

As more people utilize their smartphones and tablets to access different areas of their lives, hotels must adapt to keep up. That means using apps that go beyond simple online booking and deliver a full ‘on-demand’ concierge service. This could include everything from booking restaurant tables without having to go through reception, through to ordering room service, requesting laundry, dry cleaning or other upgrades, checking in and out, or booking spa services and massage appointments.

Apps are more than capable of providing a more comprehensive range of options, and as it's using technology that guests are already familiar with (their cell phone or tablet), then take-up is going to be much higher and more organic.

This doesn’t mean that you’re immediately going to be able to replace your front-of-house staff, as your guests will always want the opportunity to interact with a ‘real person’ on reception if necessary. But what it does do is redistribute much of the workload onto a digital platform, leaving those same front-of-house staff to give a far more personalized service to your guests when they ring that front desk bell.

The Room Service App provides unlimited and easy to manage Categories and Service Descriptions from a powerful online Back-office.

Position the buttons, wherever you want and edit, save and immediately update your app. Your App includes your hotel logo and brand and can be “bolted on” to an existing hotel app.

The App can be used by a hotel group and relevant Categories switched on off, for example, a hotel may have or may not have a golf course.

We will install all your categories, menus, descriptions and images as part of the set-up and installation.

The screen on the left can changed to display your hotel brand and colours.

There must be a certain amount of forethought before you use any guest data you collect, as how you store and use that data must conform to data protection legislation.

This is particularly true in Europe, where the new GDPR legislation has closed a lot of loopholes on data storage regulations. This is to ensure that guests are not bombarded with unwanted ‘spam', or that their personal information is secure and doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

However, once you have ensured that your collation and storage methods are acceptable, it is then possible to utilize customer data to improve and streamline your service.

Apps can identify peak periods, bottlenecks (when the service delivery is less efficient than it should be), and fluctuations due to time, season, etc.

Mining this data allows the hotelier to identify inefficiencies and allocate resources to improve the service to the guest in real time, and over an extended period.

Guests will no longer settle for a ‘cookie-cutter’ experience, where every guest is treated the same. Even in large chain hotels which have a specific corporate image, guests still expect their experience to be customized to their exact requirements.

Incorporating apps into your system means that guests feel more in control of their experience and allows them to customize their stay to suit their exact needs.

Guest engagement solutions, as they’ve become known, are a useful tool in any hotelier’s arsenal. As well as enabling customers to personalize their experience to their exact requirements.

More than an App - An Extra Hotel Revenue Stream


Create a revenue stream from national and local advertisers

The Room Service App includes an online Registration for Advertisers where they can open an account with a User Name and Password. They can compose an Advert with Description, Images etc. and set a date and time for the advert. The Advert can be previewed by the Advertiser and include a link to their website.

The software will calculate the cost of the advert based on a start date and time and finish data and time or daily, weekly or monthly. The hotel can set the cost of the advert and the charge is automatically calculated and displayed.

The hotel is notified when any new advert is registered and can Accept or Reject the advert.

On Acceptance, an invoice is automatically created, and payment taken by the stored Credit or Debit Card. Adverts can renew automatically or until switched off by the hotel or Advertiser. A copy of the invoice is sent to the Advertiser. The software can automatically send email invitations to local businesses.

Luxury Shop – Buy Presents and Souvenirs Securely from the Hotel

Create a revenue stream from the Luxury Shop

A shop which includes both national and local products; targeting the tourist market and best placed in prime tourist locations, the app provides another way of buying presents and local souvenirs. Too many locations are now considered unsafe to walk in at certain times of the day. Crime in London and major cities is increasing, and daylight muggings are common.

Lone women travelers are reluctant to leave a hotel and explore areas outside the “safe areas”.  

The Luxury Shop enables guests to buy local products without leaving the security of the hotel and have the items delivered to the hotel.

For an App demonstration and Hotel Revenue Business Model, please contact Hugh Johnson: mobile: 07718 733248, Email:

The Banqueting App is easy to use. The diner scans the QR code on the right, to install the App.

Once the App is activated, then the diner scans the QR code, once more, to retrieve the drinks menu.

The diner can select their table number, place an order and pay by Debit or Credit Card.

The payment, we use Stripe, will not be processed until the order is accepted. The diner’s card information is stored and can be used again.

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